Xiaotong Xi

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Phonetic training integrating tactile cues can help the production of L2 English /θ/ and /ð/.
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Ozakin, A. S., Xi, X., Li, P., & Prieto, P. (2023). Thanks or tanks: training with tactile cues improves learners' accuracy of English interdental consonants in an oral reading task. Language Learning and Development, 19(4), 404–419.

Learners who are able to accurately produce hand gestures can improve more on L2 stop production.
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Li, P., Xi, X., Baills, F., & Prieto, P. (2021). Training non-native aspirated plosives with hand gestures: learners' gesture performance matters. Language Cognition and Neuroscience, 36(10), 1313–1328. 

Observing hand gestures that are congruent to the phonetic features of target L2 sounds can help learning.
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Xi, X., Li, P., Baills, F., & Prieto, P. (2020). Hand gestures facilitate the acquisition of novel phonemic contrasts when they appropriately mimic target phonetic features. Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research, 63(11), 3571–3585.

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